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Carissa Kemnitz

Coldwell Banker Realty agent Carissa Kemnitz understands that building relationships on trust, mutual respect, transparency and personalized service is key to delivering an excellent real estate experience. Welcoming buyers and sellers throughout the Twin Cities and all neighboring areas, she offers the perfect blend of positivity and expertise. Carissa was looking for a personal brand that reflected this approach and worked with Design Concierge on a suite of materials.




The Vision

Carissa wanted to have a classic and elegant appearance balanced with a vibrant energy. She knew she wanted to use her initials as the design with green, gold and cream colors. When describing her brand, she selected the keywords "balanced," "classic," "elegant," "trustworthy" and "vibrant."

The Approach

We explored an array of looks that would support Carissa’s goals of encapsulating her upbeat personality and building rapport and trust with both first-time home buyers and established sellers.

The Result

Carissa’s finished materials use a serif font – a classic look that ties in with the traditions and history of her surname. Rounded corners in her initials showcase friendliness and approachability. To bring it all together, a deep green with complementing warm tones symbolizes her down-to-earth and warm personality.


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Client Work

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"Design Concierge truly exceeded my expectations in bringing my paper ideas for my logo and branding to life. Their efficiency, amiability and professionalism made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. I highly recommend them."

Carissa Kemnitz

Where Are They Now?

Carissa takes pride in exceeding her clients’ expectations, whether she’s negotiating the best possible deal, coordinating seamless transactions or providing ongoing support. And now, with a bolstered personal branding, she'll be able to communicate that sense of trust and reliability wherever she goes.

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