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Armando De La Peza

For real estate professional Armando De La Peza, serving home buyers and sellers is about creating a luxury experience. For over 16 years, he has been 100% committed to delivering concierge-level, results-driven representation for his clients. Armando is a Luxury Property Specialist who serves buyers and sellers throughout the Greater San Diego area, with a particular focus on coastal high-end properties.

Behind The Scenes


For Armando’s vision, he wanted the focus of the design to be on his initials. He wanted the overall look to have a very modern, high-end, geometric and sleek appearance.

THE Approach

At first glance, we wanted the audience to see a strong brand that was bold yet sophisticated. We also wanted the logo to follow more of an architectural style that had an equal mix of masculine and feminine elements.

THE Result

Armando was so pleased with his design, and it was just what he had in mind. He chose a monogram that was refined, versatile but still unique to him.

Final Outcome

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This is absolutely cool and the vision I had … thank you!

Armando De La Peza

Where are they Now?

Armando feels that the word “luxury” in today’s real estate market is ultimately about appreciating and providing a superior level of service for all properties in all areas. His vision transfers to each and every one of his client interactions and now translates into a cohesive branded luxury experience.

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