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Andy Moore

Andy Moore is a historic and luxury homes specialist assisting buyers and sellers throughout Central Denver. Equally dedicated to helping her clients purchase and market newer construction around the city, she offers concierge-level service at every stage of the transaction. Andy’s expertise in both traditional and modern real estate is at the heart of her personal brand, along with her passion, skill and in-depth community knowledge.




The Vision

Andy wanted her branding to feel approachable yet stylish, modern but timeless. She felt a minimalist look with a polished touch would best represent her specialization in new and historic luxury homes.

The Approach

Andy is a well known, accomplished agent, so we wanted to steer clear of any common real estate iconography. Instead, we leaned into the minimalism of Andy’s personal style, creating a strong, captivating and memorable identity.

The Result

We landed on a beautiful, geometric, minimal icon composed of Andy’s initials, A and M. The luxury, approachability and sophistication that define Andy’s brand are all represented, along with her expertise in modern and historic homes, giving her marketing materials a unique, professional look.


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Client Work

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This looks great!!! Thank you guys for plugging away at this.

Andy Moore

Where Are They Now?

Andy is proud to offer a full suite of services that includes targeted digital and print marketing, trusted renovation and repurposing assistance, comprehensive financial guidance, thoughtful staging and expert negotiation. The logo we created for Andy reflects the seamless experience she delivers to each and every client.

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